Stonebridge Life Insurance

Stonebridge life insurance:

A complaint about the alleged failure of Stonebridge Life Insurance Company to pay benefits for accidental death moved to federal court and was established in 2012.

Stonebridge life insurance

April 5, 2011, a note on which the notice of withdrawal was filed in Kandahar Circuit Court, claiming that the case was moved to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia in Charleston.

January 25, 2012, final discharge order was filed in the Federal Court decision that Aisha Keel, who was a minor at the time of filing of the complaint, "has reached adulthood since the submission of this informed demand ... "and Penelope Keel and accused the court that all issues had been resolved demand and committed.

Both parties intend jointly to reject the appeal of the role of the Court pursuant to the order for reference.

Penelope had said that she and Keel Keel Aisha were covered by an insurance policy accidental death and dismemberment issued to its insured, Larry Keel, the predecessor in interest, JCL Penney Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, according a complaint filed on February 10, 2011 , Kandahar Circuit Court.

Penelope Keel claimed June 25, 2009, Larry Keel died after an accident that was covered by the police and made a correct application of coverage.

Instead of honoring the policy and pay the claim, Stonebridge refused to pay benefits and raised exclusions unenforceable, that violate the terms and conditions of the policy, according to the complaint.

Stonebridge life insurance scam

Penelope Keel was represented by Richard A. Masters Jonathan law firm. Stonebridge Life Insurance Company was represented by Robert P. Martin and Jordan K. Herrick Bailey & Want LLC.